Trying out Slicehost VPS

I’ve got a favor to ask! Can you please open the main page of this blog in your browser, and let me know how quickly/slowly it opens for you? I would like to know your geography – a country and city you’re, but even simple “slow/quick” feedback will be helpful.

As you probably have noticed, I’m trying out a new hosting this week. For the past few days, PerfectBlogger had been hosted on our VPS with Slicehost.

For most people (myself included), this move will mean a great speed boost over previous hosting, but I just want to double-check.


  1. Hey Gleb,
    Sorry to say, it is about the same (not fast not slow) loading for me. But, on the bright side, it loads pretty quick once it starts. ;-)
    (Pennsylvania, USA)

  2. I’m not noticing anything different, but your page was already pretty fast.

  3. Thanks, Joe!

    Nothing to be sorry about! I just wanted your confirmation.

    And yes, the point is that it’s fast enough. If it feels about the same – that’s fine. Actually, most slowness is due to the MyBlogLog widget – but that’s a separate issue.

    Thanks again!

  4. Thanks for confirming this, Scott!

    I’ve yet to optimize the template, but glad to see it opens fast as it is.

  5. Hi Gleb,

    From Malaysia i shall say your page is reasonable fast consider all the contents you have on the page.

    BTW, what control panel are you using on your slicehost VPS? cPanel or … ??



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