Upgrade to WordPress 2.1.2 right away!


If you still haven’t taken time to upgrade from WordPress 2.1.1 to WordPress 2.1.2 – do this right now! You can read the official explanation on the WordPress blog, but the bottom line is that WordPress 2.1.1 downloads have been altered by a hacker, and therefore may contain a security exploit.

To make sure you’re secure, it is advised that you download and install WordPress 2.1.2.


Note: this only affects users of the WordPress 2.1.1 build, any other WordPress 2.x version was not infected.

pS: if you need help with upgrading your version of WordPress, feel free to leave a comment to this post and I’ll be sure to contact you by email.


  1. I read about this before, and as I’m setting up a new blog..I realized I had 2.1. I’m guessing that’s affected. I already have my blog set up, theme and everything. How exactly should I go about replacing it? Thanks ahead of time. :)

  2. Hi Mike,

    2.1 is NOT affected. I’ll send you an email explaining what to do.


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