FeedBurner plugin is now FeedSmith


Steve Smith has just announced that the FeedBurner plugin he had developed a few years ago and had been supporting ever since is now officially adopted by FeedBuner, and is supported under a FeedBurner FeedSmith name.

Here is a download link: FeedBurner FeedSmith 2.2

Installation instructions for the new plugin can be found on the FeedBurner: WordPress Quick Start page, however there’s a couple of steps they had missed, so I just wanted to post them here for the time being (I’ve also sent emails to FeedBurner about these, so with any luck they’ll be mentioned in the Quick Start guide soon enough):

1) Make sure you disable your old FeedBurner plugin before putting the new one into your WordPress plugins directory

If you don’t do this, there will be a conflict of plugins declarations, and you will have to FTP to your hosting and delete the old plugin file form WordPress directory manually in order to fix this conflict.

2) In FeedSmith, you don’t have to generate FeedBurner-specific feed redirect anymore. Instead, all your feeds will be redirected to FeedBurner by default. This means two things:

– you need to change the Original Feed back to its default in your FeedBurner feed options (log into your FeedBurner account, pick your feed, click Edit Feed Details…)

– you need to clean up your .htaccess file. Just find a line in your .htaccess (it will be in the root directory of your WordPress installation) which looks like this, and delete it:

RewriteRule ^feedburner_879394/?$ /feed/ [R,L]

That’s about it! I’ve just updated the plugin on one of my blogs, and will do it on the rest in the next few hours. If you need help with upgrading it, please feel free to ask!

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