Popular JavaScript libraries now hosted by Google

Just wanted to highlight this information for you, although it’s not exactly news – AJAX Libraries API from Google allows everyone to access the latest versions of most popular JavaScript frameworks right from Google servers.

What is AJAX Libraries API?

If you were looking for a way to simplify your usage of JavaScript frameworks, Google has got you covered: AJAX Libraries API is an architecture which hosts most popular open source JavaScript libraries on Google servers and thus make them highly available to use by any of your pages.

Why use AJAX libraries hosted by Google?

There’s a few advantages to offloading JavaScript libraries onto Google’s servers. Here’s my list:

– no headaches with upgrading your JavaScript libraries – they’re updated automatically so your pages are always using the latest and greatest versions available

– universally available – you can access JavaScript frameworks using the same methods from any pages of yours

– high availability – like everything else on Google servers, your scripts will be safe, fast and highly available – distributed among many Google servers and probably delivered to you from the geographically closest location

What libraries are currently available?

Here are the ones you can start using right now:

The full list of libraries available through AJAX Libraries API can be found here: Google AJAX Libraries, I presume it will be updated as more libraries get hosted there.

Via: Google Hosts Popular JavaScript Libraries @ Google System blog

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