WordPress 2.8.1 brings stability and security

I really like the way first releases of WordPress 2.8 come out! The most recent update, WordPress 2.8.1 posted a few hours ago, brings some great improvements which make your blogs more stable and much more secure.

WordPress 2.8.1. highlights

Here are some of the features I really like in 2.8.1, please be sure to read the official WordPress 2.8.1 announcement to see more changes:

  • Stability: reduced memory usage footprint for the dashboard – should help all the blogs running on modest servers and with strict php memory usage quotas
  • Stability: automatic upgrade no longer accidentally deletes files when cleaning up from a failed upgrade
  • Stability: disabled code highlighting due to browser incompatibilities
  • Security: extra security has been put in place to better protect you from plugins that do not do explicit permission checks
  • Security: stricter menu security

Don’t know about you, but I’m going to be upgrading all my blogs in the next 30min.

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  1. I love WP, having developed 20-40 sites on it. But we’re now on 2.8.4 and sometimes it feels like updates are coming daily: maintenance is becoming a serious issue.

    I understand the arguments why security fixes are required, but I’m seriously considering looking for a lower maintenance CMS which maybe has less security issues because it’s less popular!

    What do you think Gleb?

  2. I think the same. Then again, when it comes to updating WP blogs, it’s gotten much easier in the past few months. It is true that other less popular systems may not need as much of updating and upgrading, but when they do – the process is much more cumbersome than the one in WordPress. On top of this, I have a script to do the upgrade for me – backs up my DB and the whole WP directory, then downloads the latest WP and replaces the files for a specified blog – this makes upgrading each blog nothing more than 30sec task.

  3. Any chance of getting a (santized) version of that script to save me a couple hours work?

  4. I’ll be posting a feature on it rather soon, so stay tuned!

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