Technical Copywriting

I can quickly grasp your ideas and help you with marketing your products and service online.

Sharpen your idea

Sometimes all you need is a brainstorming session or simply a confidential discussion of what your product is and where it brings value. Whether you’re looking for a technical review of your offering or need help putting amazing product features into words, I’ll be there working with you through every step.

Content rewrite

Have all of your products and services already described and explained on your website’s pages? Think some of the pages could do with a refresher or a complete rewrite? I will be glad to help! Sometimes all the right ideas are already there, all that’s left is to find the right words to make them truly presentable and engaging. Content rewrite is something I really enjoy: most of the research is already done so I can really focus on writing content. Rewriting existing material is also a great way to restart your online marketing campaign – there is minimal involvement required from your team yet results are usually strikingly fresh and appealing.

Proof reading

Think your copy is close enough to perfection that it needs only cosmetic touch? It’s easy and quick enough to find out!

By engaging me for a proof reading project, you’ll get a friendly yet professional review of your copy with subtle changes geared and suggested for maximum benefit.

IMPORTANT: this service is most useful for companies that originate from non-English speaking markets. If you’re only beginning your English-based online campaign, I’ll happily help you to review your pages to make sure that your message is intact while not sounding completely out of place.