When You Should Put Ads On Your Blog

I once read a wonderful article on ProBlogger about the hard decision most bloggers come to face sooner or later: How Quickly After Starting A Blog Should I Put Ads On It? Funny enough, I’ve been asking myself this very same question almost every time I started a new blog.

I think it’s best to show at least some ads right away. That’s what I did on one recent blog of mine: Personal Development Ideas.

Here’s why I think you should have at least some put on your blog from day one:

  • be honest with your readers
    If you’re planning on using ads in the future, do show at least some of them. Some blog readers don’t like ads at all, and they might get really irritated when you start showing ads some time down the line. So it’s best to show at least some ads and make them visible from the beginning. Those readers who like your content and find your blog useful enough, will still be regularly visiting you.
  • design
    If you have to incorporate ads into your blog’s design, it’s best to do it at the very beginning. This way, you will not find yourself with a brand new design and no way to incorporate your ads into it. With your ads shown on your initial blog design, you’ll make sure to keep ads placement planned when you’re working on your new blog designs
  • experiments
    It’s best to start experimenting with ads placement as early as possible. While you will not see any major differences simply because your traffic will not be high enough, you will have an advantage, too – because there will be only a handful of pages and ads, it will be easier to see which pages are more popular and which ads will generate you some income

I’ve seen a very useful comment to the article above, which advised to only put ads for the old (archives, for instance) pages, and not the very recent ones.

It actually makes perfect sense. Instead of annoying your visitors with completely irrelevant ads (because AdSense ads will only make sense and be relevant after your pages are fully indexed), why not wait for Google to index you and then try again just a few months later?

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