31 Days to a Better Blog

There’s never a better time that to start working on that dream blog of yours right now. This is especially true if said blog had been unattended for the past few months (or years!).

Check out ProBlogger’s 31 Days to a Better Blog, it’s a great e-book that’s 50% off this week with the GOODBYE2015 coupon code.

Great list of websites to submit your blog to

I’ve just come across a great list of 75 websites you can submit your blog to, created by  Kevin Muldoon at Blogging Tips.

If you were waiting for a super-easy and extra-useful list of resources – your wait is over, because Kevin did an impressive job by not only compiling the list but also providing direct links to submit pages where possible.

The Blogger’s Guide To SEO

Aaron Wall has recently posted a great introduction to SEO for bloggers, which I think every blogger should check out. Beginners will find great steps to get started, and seasoned bloggers will make sure nothing in their SEO campaign had been accidentally left out.

Here’s a link: The Blogger’s Guide To SEO.