Permalink is a URL of a specific blog entry.  It derives its name from the words "permanent link", and as you can guess from the words, permalink is permanent. 

This means that this URL for a blog entry is going to stay the same even after your entry has gone into your blog archives.

Usually, permalink is a simple URL which is easy to read, remember or pass to other bloggers. 

Many blog engines, like WordPress, allow you to customize permalinks structure. This way, all your posts get a permalink generated automatically, and all the permalinks of your blog follow the same generation rule.


Here is an example of permalink: 

For all you WordPress users, it's done by useing a custom template for permalinks: /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%/ 

This template employed special parameters, which, when substituded by WordPress, make sure every post of yours looks just like the example I gave you:

  • %year% – current year
  • %monthnum% – current month
  • %postname% – the post name


For more information, please visit the Permalink – Wikipedia page.