My name is Gleb Reys, and Perfect Blogger is one of my online projects. I’ve been blogging in one form or another for more than 5 years, and have learned many useful tricks along the way.

The aim of the Perfect Blogger is to share my knowledge and learn even more. If you find any of my articles useful – please bookmark them or leave a comment. If you have a better solution to any of the blogging questions and problems I solve and answer on my pages – please consider contacting me in this regard.

I offer technical consultancy and support, and can help you with any stage of setting your blog up or suggest you a full plan of action (and indicate involved costs) to get your blog started.

My other projects on the net:

Personal Development blog – a collection of my articles on personal development, along with personal notes and ideas on self-improvement.

Solaris 10 Blog – how-to’s and system administration tips for Sun Solaris users. I’ve been working with Solaris since 2.5, and it’s still the most favourite OS of mine.