Blog is a shortened version of a weblog – it usually means a website with pages posted in a chronological order. An online journal or a diary will be a perfect example of a blog.

A weblog is a website which is designed to be updated regularly and present information in a form of a journal, with the most recent posts showing up at the very top of the first page. 

People who own and update such sites are called bloggers. A while ago, the first bloggers had to code and design their blogs on their own, and I believe it was a huge suppressing factor for the early blogging. Without being a real geek and knowing lots about how Internet worked and what HTML was, it was practically impossible to maintain an online presence. 

Lately, blogs became so popular, that you can easily find many services which would host your blog for you and do all the rest setup as well. All that's still required from you is to come up with ideas for new posts and to actually write them.



This website, Perfect Blogger, is obviously a blog too.


Modern blogs have a number of distinctive features:

  • posts (blog entries) are presented in a chronological order – the most recent ones usually appear at the top of a blog
  • posts are organized in archives – index pages representing collections of your posts made in a certain month or year

  • posts can be commented by blog visitors – some blogs allow public comment, others require you to register in order to leave a comment. Most blogs want you to leave your name, email and website address – your email is usually hidden to respect your privacy, but it gives a blog's author an opportunity to contact you

  • blog entires are organized in categories you create, one entry can belong to as many categories as you wish

  • blog content can be syndicated – read from a feed aggregator software, which reads a blog feed and shows you the content in your aggregator, without having to visit a blog in a browser

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