I’ve been in IT industry for the past 15 years. Originally a Unix systems administrator, I’ve developed my skills into online software development, blogging and technical writing.

Although I would be happy to hear about any project of yours, I tend to mostly work with IT products and services companies because that’s where my skills bring most value.

Technical Consultancy

A service of mind that’s always in demand, technical consultancy is focused on understanding your current needs and suggesting the best way forward with a WordPress based solution. If your requirements are not best served by a blog engine, I’ll be sure to highlight this and give you relevant suggestions.

WordPress blog setup, plugin configuration, security and performance reviews – all of this can be arranged,

Read here about my Technical Consultancy service.

Remote Technical Support

If you need help with hosting or WordPress troubleshooting or need me to have a quick look at your (preferably Linux) hosting setup, I’ll be glad to assist.

During a short Skype conversation I’ll agree with you what needs to be done and will explain how you can set temporary passwords for my access (and how to change them back after we’re finished).

Click here to learn more about my Remote Technical Support offering.

Search Engine Optimization

You will decide how we proceed with your SEO campaign – I can start with a general SEO Healtcheck report or Google Analytics setup.

Once we’re comfortable enough with the direction and focus of your online marketing, I’ll gladly assist with planning content structure for your website and applying strategic keyword seeding to your existing pages.

Follow this link for ore information: my Search Engine Optimization services.

Technical Copywriting

I can help you to write page or blog post copy in a way that will boost sales and attract more potential customers.
We will also find the best way to explain what your product is about and highlight important advantages along the way.

Click here to read more about ways my Technical Copywriting can help.

Quality Russian to English translation

If your content is in Russian and you are worried about technical details or special terminology getting lost in translation, I can assist with all the translations tasks you may need in both directions (Russian to English or English to Russian).

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