Wordze Keyword Research – Only $4 for July 2008!

For all of you who were hoping to give Wordze keyword research service a try, here’s your next chance!

If you register for Wordze between now and July 14th, you’ll have to pay only $4 for the month of July, with $38.98 for every month after (you can cancel at the end of July if you change your mind).

I find Wordze to be one of the most useful and affordable tools online, and thanks to offers like this almost everyone can give it a try at virtually no cost.

Wordze Easter Weekend Special

Wordze Keyword Research

Wordze is doing yet another campaign: to celebrate Easter, this whole weekend you can register and get your first month with Wordze for just $15 instead of the regular $45 price.

To avail of this offer, just follow this link: Wordze – first month for just $15.

Wordze – FREE 30-day trial

Wordze Keyword Research

Just got an email from Wordze, announcing their next round of free 30-day trials.

The following link should work for the next 7 days, good chance for all of you who wanted to try keyword research with Wordze: Wordze – Free 30-day trial