Dark Room

Dark Room is an amazingly simple yet effective text editor.

It has no fancy toolbars and doesn't care about WYSIWIG, but it gives you a wonderful platform for creative distraction-free text writing. 

When you go into full-screen mode (F11), you're left with an empty screen and your text. No additional information, no taskbar to distract you, no multiple underlying windows  from other applications. Such an approach makes it much easier for you to concentrate fully on what you're writing.

Here is how a typical session in Dark Room looks like:




Technical information

Platform: Windows

System requirements:

– Windows XP / 2000 / 2003
.NET Framework 2.0

Type: freeware

Latest version: 0.7.5b (as of 13/09/2006)

Download link: http://jjafuller.com/apps/dark_room.zip

Official homepage: http://they.misled.us/dark-room