Internet Explorer in your Firefox Tab: IE Tab

I've been a Firefox fan since the early versions of this wonderful browser, and while I absolutely love most of its features, what it really lacked all the time is a set of Internet Explorer-only features some really stubborn websites still require. I found my way around most of such limitations, but after I joined my current company I had to suddenly start using lots of ActiveX-powered websites, and this meant having a whole set of pages I would browse in IE only…

Well, not anymore! Meet IE Tab – a wonderful Firefox extension which allows you to transparently open IE-only websites in a separate tab of your browser. All you do is maintain a list of websites which will always be rendered using the IE engine and not the Firefox one, and that's it. This list is accessible from the IE Tab options menu. I dare you – go on and give it a try: IE Tab.


  1. You could probably get the same effect by developing a Firefox tab that turns off the browser’s ability to properly render CSS.

  2. :)))) This would do most of the job, you’re right :)

    ActiveX is almost impossible to get working on a native Mozilla engine, though. So IE Tab is still a very valid solution to browse such sites.

    Thanks for stopping by, kit! I’ve had too many hours of struggling with CSS in IE myself, so I totally hear you!

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