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Feed Button is a service to help you get a cleaner look of your blog sidebar by replacing all the possible ways to subscribe to your feed via various online services like Google Reader, My Yahoo!, Pluck and others with a nice-looking button and a bit of code attached to it.

The idea behind the feed button is that you conserve the precious space by showing only one button, but when your visitor hovers the mouse pointer above the button, it automatically expands to show you all the possible subscription options.

The idea is simple, and I believe any blog which currently has more that 5 feed subscription buttons can probably benefit from using it. All you need to do is give their feed button generator a link to your blog, and your piece of code is going to be provided in just a few seconds, ready for you to copy & paste onto your blog's sidebar code.

Go check it out: FeedButton Beta


  1. Yeah, The cleaner.. The Better.

    Thanks for the tip, I use a different method on my blog

    I have bookmarked this post ;)

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Thilak!

    Your implementation looks very professional as well, it’s actually one of the most compact subscription blocks I’ve seen :)

    I’ve subscribed to your blog just now, an interesting read plus relevant information.

    See you around!


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