Advanced Editor Options in WordPress 2.1

Since upgrading to WordPress 2.1, I’ve finally switched back to using the built-in posts editor. One of the reasons for doing this was that I’ve found the options I so needed – text justification and HTML code cleanup – available through the advanced editor options panel.

Pressing Shift+Alt+V in Firefox or Alt+V in Internet Explorer transforms your Standard Editor panel:

… into something like this:

As you can see, there’s quite a few more options available, namely:

  • paragraph formattion options (address, preformatted text, headings)
  • underline your text
  • full justification
  • color selector for your text
  • paste options for plain text and MS Word
  • messy HTML code cleanup
  • custom character button (charmap which allows you to click and insert any special character)

With all these options, there really is no reason to search for a better visual editor anymore. TinyMCE, which is the engine behind it, fits WordPress 2.1 like a glove, and makes editing your posts and pages a real pleasure.


  1. Nice. Thanks for the heads up. I’m still waiting a bit on 2.1, testing it with my vast array of plugins in a ‘development’ domain. But I’m certainly going to play with the enhanced editor. Now if someone would write a plugin to let me interact with my styles sheet from a drop down.

  2. Hi Dawud,

    It makes sense to wait if you got many dependencies with plugins. I don’t, that’s why I decided to give it a go. Besides, having discovered these nice editor features available on one of my upgraded blogs, I couldn’t wait any longer and upgraded this one as well ;)

    What kind of CSS interaction are you talking about? I’m going to attempt writing my first WP plugin soon enough, so maybe I can play with your idea?

  3. Hey Gleb,
    That’s cool, I didn’t know you could get the additional options in the editor. I must confess though, I didn’t read all of the documentation either. Naughty me. ;-)

  4. Glad to have something you find useful, Joe!

    I never read the documentation either, so it was as much a surprise to me :)

  5. Thanks for this tip! So documentation is there for a reason after all ;)

  6. Hi Anne,

    Yes! Sometimes interesting things do really show up ;)

  7. Eyedropp3r says

    I’ve been using WPress for 3 years now. I never knew about this. THANK YOU.

    Question though – Is there a way to force WordPress to remember my preference of the advanced editor?

    I like it to default to this editor for myself and my clients…..


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