Upgrade to WordPress 2.1.3


Well, it’s been two days since WordPress 2.1.3 and 2.0.10 security updates were released, and I’ve just upgraded the WP engine behind PerfectBlogger. It is recommended that all users of WordPress 2.x apply the relevant update. For WP 2.1, it’s WordPress 2.1.3 release, for 2.0 it’s 2.0.10.

Here’s the usual upgrade scenario:

  1. Download the latest WP version from WordPress downloads page
  2. Make a full backup of the current WordPress directory of your blog
  3. Make a full database backup (you should have such an option in your website hosting panel, or you can backup MySQL database manually if you have shell access to your web server)
  4. Unpack the downloaded WP archive and overwrite files of your blog’s WordPress with the new ones
  5. Verify as much as you can that everything works

It is important to always make backups. Even if you think you know what you’re doing, backup anyway – just in case.

Also, do plan for an immediate verification of the upgrade as it’s better to discover possible errors yourself than wait for your visitors to tell you (that is, if they can tell you given the severity of some upgrade errors – sometimes they can’t open your blog at all, and so won’t be able to submit a feedback form or leave a comment).

If you don’t want to download the whole archive with the latest release of WordPress, you can always follow the example of Mark Jaquith.

Just use the files and lists he generates for almost every WordPress release to only replace what’s really changed between latest WordPress versions. For this round of upgrades, please read Mark’s post on the WordPress 2.1.3 upgrade.

Good luck with your upgrades!

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