A Chance to Win Great Prizes @ DavidAirey.com

I’ve just realised that some of you may have never heard about the great blog anniversary at David Airey’s blog, which is accompanied by a fantastic prize draw.

David Airey is a logo designer well known as the creator of some of the best logos on the web. To celebrate his blog’s anniversary, he’s got more than $4,000 worth in free prizes for all of us to win!

As always, there’s a number of ways to participate – subscribing to his RSS or email list is one option, and blogging about it (that’s right, just the way I’m doing now) is another.

There’s still 2 weeks left for you to make up your mind on participating, and the quality and number of prizes is so impressive that I think everyone should give it a try. Let me know if you win anything, and you’re always welcome to thank me for sharing the link to David’s website too :)


  1. Thanks for the kind mention, Gleb! Very much appreciated. Best of luck in the draw, and if you don’t win anything I’ll buy you a Guinness sometime.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, David!

    Can’t wait for the results to be announced, and look forward to a good pint or two when you’re over in Dublin!

  3. Thanks, I joined the feed, I bet I will like his posts!

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