WPdesigner Launches the 5$ WordPress Themes Club

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Finally, the 5$ themes club is up and running! Please have a look at the original announcement made on the WPdesigner blog for the full story, but just to get you interested enough I’ll tell you what this club is about: it’s a paid membership community where for just 5$ a year you’re guaranteed to have access to at least 12 unique WordPress themes. Sounds like a sweet deal!

Here are the highlights of the 5$ Themes Club:

  • 5$ a year is all it takes to become a full member
  • No copyrights in the footer (you’re not supposed to claim the authorship of any theme though)
  • You can use any theme on an unlimited number of domains
  • Great preview page listing all the best features (here’s a teaser: the Gossip theme)
  • Free technical support (ticker system or forum)


  1. […] Wpdesigner Launches the $5 WordPress Themes Club […]

  2. […] Wpdesigner Launches the $5 WordPress Themes Club […]

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