Firefox 3 Download Day!

Just a reminder: today, June 17th 2008, is the official Firefox 3 download day – Mozilla foundation attempts to set a new Guinness record by having the latest release of Firefox downloaded the most within 24 hours.

You still have the time to make a pledge and download it: Firefox 3 download day.


  1. The pledge does not seem to be working at the moment

  2. I think it’s due to the massive traffic they’re getting right now. I’ve just got an invitation to download Firefox 3, but the page it opens still has Firefox 2 :)

  3. same thing happened to me. 2:52am here in south east asia and its almost two hours past its “official scheduled 10pm(PDT) downloading time” but sadly, i couldnt download from it as well. il try again later before the ‘guiness’ expires ;-)

  4. Yes, it’s only now (11pm GMT) that I finally see Firefox 3 available for download at the announced URL.

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