Get A Website with Professional Design for Just $350!

An online friend of mine, Dawud Miracle, is currently running a great promotion on his new Website Habitat website: for just $350 you can get a fully functional and professionally customized website or blog!

Your chance to get a great looking blog

I wish I could post about it earlier, but there’s been something wrong with my blog and there really was no time to fix it. So here it is – I’m sharing great news with you, but time is running out very quickly for this incredible offer.

Dawud had been working with small businesses for the past 10 years or so. This allowed him to perfect the design of a blog up to such a level that he can get you amazing results in just a few days. His services usually cost more than $1000 for a typical website, but since Dawud has got a few reasons for celebration, he’s doing this special until Sunday afternoon.

Please head over to The Website Habitat site to read all the details of the complete website for $350 offer, but here are just a few things which you should definitely know:

  • there really are no hidden fees, $350 is all you’ll need to get a fully working copy of your future website
  • everything can be customized, and things like logos and photos will be integrated at no extra charge
  • there’s quite a few base designs to start with, all fully customizable to suit your needs, and matched to your color palette if you have one in mind
  • unless many others on the current marked, Dawud is always reachable and welcomes a chance to help you with your new website – no question is too simple or too technical for him – just ask him and you’ll be surprised with the professionalism of the support
  • Professionally made websites don’t get much cheaper that this!

    There’s a short audio for you explaining much more, but I were you I’d just on this offer right now – $350 is an amazing offer and there’s less than 18 hours left to avail of this deal. If you haven’t done it yet due to prohibitive cost, here’s your chance: get yourself a professionally looking website now!

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