Success Story: Get Thousands Subscribers in Just Three Months

Leo from Zen Habits has just posted a great article with some insights of the great success of his blog: 10 Ways I Got 4,700 Subscribers in Three Months.

I’ve been a regular reader of Zen Habits for quite sometime now, and so it gives me pleasure to see someone like Leo become successful. If you’re into personal development, do have a look around after you finish reading the article!

Here are the three most important keys to blogging success in my opinion:

  • useful content, posted regularly
  • thoughtful and catchy headlines
  • interaction with readers and other bloggers


For more, please read the full article. Thanks for sharing, Leo!


  1. I know Leo through e-mail fairly well and I can say that he truly deserves the success he’s gained. He is one of the hardest working posters I know, publishing frequently with very useful ideas.

  2. Thanks for the nice mention, my friend! I appreciate the kind words and the link. And I’m enjoying this blog too!

  3. Scott: you’re absolutely right. You know yourself how much effort it takes not only to post frequently, but also keep up with the quality of your articles.

    Leo seems to have figured the balance just right – always something interesting and relevant in almost every post.

  4. Hi Leo, and thanks for stopping by! Your success is impressive, but only logical with all the effort put in.

    Good luck in the future, I see you as one of the best authors in the field now, and can only imagine how high you’ll get by your blog’s first birthday :)

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