Copywriting Contest at Copyblogger: $10,000 in prizes

Exciting news! Brian Clark at Copyblogger has just launched a copywriting contest with $10,000 in prizes:

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make an irresistible offer. That offer should be in the form of a landing page that catches the reader’s attention, barrels them down a slippery slide to your call to action, and results in that desired action. Hey, that’s what landing pages are all about, right?

With the three great judges: Seth Godin, Darren Rowse and Brian himself, I’m sure it will be challenging enough. And judging by the anticipation shown in previous week’s comments at Copyblogger, the competition is going to be tough.

Good luck to everyone who decides to participate!

Even if you don’t, be sure to stop by cause there will definitely be examples of really good copywriting submitted in the coming days (all entries to be submitted by May 21st, 2007).

Visit Brian’s announcement post for the full contest details.


  1. Ten grand is a huge amount though, i’m sure the competition is going to be real tough.

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