Make Akismet Automatically Discard Old Spam

I love the Akismet spam blocking plugin functionality. It makes my life so much easier! However, not many people remember that it has a very useful feature on top of its basic setup: an option to make Akismet automatically discard all the spam older than 2 weeks.

Now, instead of carefully clicking through the list of spam, I simply glance through it to mark the non-spam messages off, and then forget about the rest. Akismet takes care of it and makes sure that my spam comments page is never too crowded.

To activate this option, first go to the Plugins section of your WordPress admin panel…

WP Plugins

… and then click Akismet Configuration:

WP Akismet Options

After ticking the option on and clicking the button, you’ll have this great feature enabled and your future peace of mind guaranteed. Enjoy!

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