Speedlinking – 21/10/2006

It's Saturday again, and this means I have a few articles I'd like to share with you. I'm sure you will find them useful.


Darren Rowse has created a list of all the RSS advertising options available to you at this moment. As always, he adds his own opinion and short description which is the most valuable feature of his posts. Thanks, Darren! I think as soon as I gain enough readership for my feeds, I'll be definitely considering one of the options he listed.

Joe Hauckes from Working at Home on the Internet shares his thoughs on overly aggressive ads placement with blogs in his How To Lose A Visitor Before They Become A Reader article:

This particular Blog had an ad in every Hot Spot and a few of the Cooler Spots, and even some of the Spots that were Below Freezing. I understand the need to use advertisements for income and support of the site, but at least allow people to see the Name of the Blog without being slammed in the face by Flashing Banners.


I absolutely agree. You've probably noticed me using AdSense as well, but I try and not make it block the actual content. I strongly believe that any online project should provide tons of useful content before making any attempt to financially benefit from it through ads.


  1. Hey Gleb,

    Thanks for the nod. I really appreciate it.
    Good links from Good Blogs always help.


  2. Always a pleasure, Joe!

    I’m a long way from where you are already, but strongly believe that sharing information and linking to other useful resources is what makes a blog valuable to its readers.

    See you around!


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