Free Keywords from Wordze @ DigitalPoint

For all of you interested in using Wordze keyword research service, here’s a chance to give them a try. On DigitalPoint, there’s a thread where you can give one keyword (and possibly a keyword pair) a day, and have a chance to get a 10,000 keyword file on it posted in the same thread as a file.

I’ve been a happy customer of Wordze for the past month and a half, and so I think you should go and give it a try. Who knows, you might like it!

As this month gets started, we are nearing the official year anniversary of Wordze’s launch date. So for a limited time, we are going to do something crazy that we have never done before. For the next 30 days if you post in this thread the keyword list you would like to have, you may just wakeup the following day to find out that we have picked your request and posted a 10,000 keyword file on this forum for you to download for free.

The only rule is that you can request one keyword per day!

Here’s a link to the DP forum thread: 30 days of free keywords from Wordze


  1. please tell me that what is the procedure to apply keywords in webpage?

  2. Please tell me the procedure how to apply keywords in our webpage?

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