New AdSense feature: Manage Ads

Last week saw the appearance of new AdSense feature I’ve been waiting for: it’s now possible to manage ads!
The idea behind ads management is that most of parameters will now be stored on AdSense servers, not in ad code on your website. This means changing any parameter will be much easier, cause you simply edit it from your AdSense panel, without having to regenerate the ad unit code and integrating it into your website.

Manage new ads

Any AdSense units you’re going to create are automatically added to the list of managed ones, so by going to the AdSense Setup -> Manage Ads menu of your AdSense control panel you’ll be able to access the list of such ads. You can click and edit any one of them.

Manage old ads

Any existing ads of yours will continue to work, but if you want to simplify their management, you’ll have to convert them. Again, you do this once, and then enjoy the benefits every time you’re changing something about your ads.

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