Adsense Notifier extension finally fixed!

Adsense Notifier

Just when I have almost given up on the broken Adsense Notifier script, it got updated and fixed! You can download the latest version here: Adsense Notifier.

The current version is 0.9.6, and it once again shows all the Adsense earnings in the toolbar of my Firefox.

Adsense Notifier is one of the most useful extensions for me, because it saves me the effort of regularly checking the status of my Adsense account (which is a very bad habit – wastes a lot of time). Simply configure the settings to your likings, and all your vital Adsense stats will be automatically downloaded and delivered to your statusbar. Incredibly useful!


  1. thank you!..I had no idea it was updated; and was starting to get frustrated myself..

    top 5 firefox addons for sure.

  2. Great utility, I use it in Firefox too.

  3. It’s a must-have for me, saves all the hassle of going and checking the account manually.

    Seems to have stopped working recently because of the new T&C for AdSense pending confirmation for my account.

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