ProBlogger: A Very Useful Blog

The more time I spend reading Darren Rowse's ProBlogger blog, the more I realize there's so much learning to be done!

I like ProBlogger a lot. It's one of these resources you know you'll find something useful on, so I sometimes just start reading through a series or a category of posts, and it's incredible how much stuff I've been thinking or worrying about is already explained and covered on ProBlogger's pages!

I can hardly find a blogging-related topic which isn't covered there (although this probably means I'm very new to the blogging and simply have tons of stuff to learn): general blogging tips, SEO, WordPress customization, AdSense – you name it! It's like a book (hey, that's an idea! It'll be a bestseller for sure!).

For some blogs, you enjoy the reading so much that you feel almost scared as you dig deeper and deeper into archives, because you know that someday you're going to reach the bottom of the posts archive, and that will the end. But with Darren's resource it's much better – not only it is a very comprehensive guide, but it's also a very dynamic one, so there is lots of useful and relevant information added daily.

I think I'm a fan of ProBlogger. After all, it is such a pleasure to learn from someone who grew knowledgeable in the field simply by trying all the steps you've already taken plus hunders more which you're only planning to take.

Ever More Videos from Matt Cutts

Apparently, Matt Cutts has just posted 2 more videos with his answers to readers' questions about Google.

So here they are:

SEO answers from Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts has just posted 3 more videos with all kinds of useful information on SEO. 

I strongly suggest you watch them, as it always helps when someone with internal knowledge of a company (Matt works for Google) speaks confidently about things you've always been wondering about.

Video sessions are made in a form of giving answers to questions asked by Matt's readers, and they make a perfect learning material for a blogger of any level.


SEO answers Matt has so far: