One More Reason to Use Google Webmaster Tools

Being readers of this blog, you’re probably well aware of how adding your websites to the Google Webmaster Tools panel can help you get your websites indexed almost instantly. I’ve been using the tools for many years and just love the way I can manage each blog’s visibility using sitemaps.

But recently I have discovered another really good reason for using the Google Webmaster Tools: ability to quickly remove your unwanted pages from Google cache.

Frankly, this feature surprised me – I didn’t expect that removing my pages from Google cache (not index!) would be so easy.

The procedure is simple enough and you can remove a portion of your pages or the whole website’s content.

New WordPress Blog Install Checklist

I’ve recently started new blog, and thought it would be useful for you to know my checklist for making sure the website is build with SEO basics in mind, ready to attract traffic and has its feed delegated to FeedBurner service for easier management.

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Moving To or Launching A New Domain

I've switched my Personal Development Ideas blog from domain to a new one – It was a planned event and I do know what to expect from such a move – for instance, my Google rankings will inevitably drop and will be regained in 3-6 months, after most of my newly located pages will be indexed and available by Google search.

But SEOmoz have just posted a great article on Expectations and Best Practices for Moving to or Launching a New Domain. What I really liked about this article is not only the realistic expectations set for both scenarios, but also truly the best practices for achieving your goals.

Here are just some of the really good advices given in the article:

  1. Submit and verify your sitemap to Googe's Webmaster Central.
  2. Get as many links to your new domain as possible
  3. Update all your own links to reflect the new domain and not the old, redirected one.
  4. Monitor your logs and contact major resources linking to you to update their links

An excellent article, Rand! Thanks a lot for sharing!

Blogging Glossary: Google Sitemaps Definition

I haven't found an easy enough way to highlight the most recent updates to the Blogging Glossary, and so I'll probably be announcing some of the articles there until a better way is found. 

I've just created a page with a definition of Google Sitemaps which I think you may find useful, especially if you're new to this technology. Please have a look here: Blogging Glossary: Sitemap


pS: I'm planning to implement a sidebar plugin which will show a total counter of all the articles in the Blogging Glossary, and will also give a list of the ones most recently created/updated ones. Do you think such a feature will be useful for you? Do you have any other ideas or suggestions? Please let me know! Thanks!