Killer Domains ebook from DailyBlogTips

Daniel Scocco from DailyBlogTips has recently finished his first e-book called Killer Domains. I’ve just read it and can definitely recommend it to anyone who considers buying domains.

What is Killer Domains about?

This is an e-book full of useful tips on researching and buying domain names. If you come from blogging background, you surely know what it is. For everyone else, a domain is simply a short name for your website – like, for example.

There are many domain zones, like .com or .net, and every country has it own domain zone as well – like .ie (Ireland) or .de (Germany). The choice is yours, but the Killer Domains ebook helps you make this decision.

Domain name prefixes and suffixes

Domains industry has been around for many years, this means that most of domains with single English words are already taken. But if you apply a bit of creativity and use one of common prefixes or suffixes, this may help you get the domain name you’re really happy with.

Daniel’s e-book offers hundreds of prefixes and suffixes for you to use when brainstorming your domain name, and also gives you links to some of the best online tools to do the same automatically.

Keyword and domain research

When considering a domain name, you need to make sure you not only get the words best matching your business idea, but also that you pick the right words – uniquely identifying your niche and possibly the most popular for search engines.

Again, Killer Domains has a great intro for those who have yet to explore the wonders of keyword research – it explains why such a research is important, and links to relevant online tools.

Avoid domain pinchers!

Quite a few domain research websites sell their search query data to third parties. Such parties then analyze the data and purchase the most popular domains. I’ve had a number of cases when I was doing a research, had the best options identified, and then they were snapped away by someone else in a matter of hours.
To avoid such frustration, it’s important to use only trusted research tools, and Daniel shares some of them with you.

Killer Domains: should you buy it?

It costs only 17$, and will mostly likely be totally worth it. It’s a 55 page e-book packed with really useful information presented in a simple way. I totally recommend it to anyone who’s getting started with their first domain or website.

Head over to Daniel’s page about Killer Domains ebook about it or simply follow this link to buy your copy: Get Killer Domains e-book.

WordPress 2.5 Release

The wait is over, and WordPress 2.5 is finally released! Compared to the previous 2.3 branch, this new release brings an amazing pack of improvements and additions, and it looks like 2.5 is going to be one of the most interesting WordPress releases of the past years.


There is an excellent highlight of all the main features on the WordPress blog: WordPress 2.5 Brecker.

New WordPress 2.5 features

The things I’m really looking forward to try are the following:

new dashboard – apart from cleaner look and improved usability, it also supports widgets for expanded functionality

multi-file upload – apparently with a progress bar!

fully integrated tag management – adding/renaming/removing any tags is a native functionality with this release, so no additional plugins are needed

using newer version of TinyMCE (that’s the fancy editor with plenty of useful toolbars you see when creating a page or a post) promises fixes to many complex HTML issues (working with lists and paragraphs has traditionally been painful for me), and there’s a no-distractions mode I really look forward to – minimum of interface controls so that you can fully concentrate on the content

There are many more improvements like automatic plugin upgrades and built-in image gallery functionality, which many of you will find useful as well, but I’ve yet to look into them.

All in all, I think it’s the most exciting upgrade, WordPress team once again did a great job.

Wait no longer: download WordPress 2.5 and get busy with your upgrades!

More links on WordPress 2.5

Getting Ready For WordPress 2.5

As you probably know, WordPress 2.5 RC1 is available for a preview download, and the final WordPress 2.5 can be released in the next few days. Since it brings a traditional ton of useful improvements, it probably makes sense to see how ready your current blog is for the new major upgrade.

Useful links for WordPress 2.5

Here are just a few links you may find useful:

Wordze Easter Weekend Special

Wordze Keyword Research

Wordze is doing yet another campaign: to celebrate Easter, this whole weekend you can register and get your first month with Wordze for just $15 instead of the regular $45 price.

To avail of this offer, just follow this link: Wordze – first month for just $15.

AdSense Requires You To Have a Privacy Policy Now

Google AdSense

If you’re a Google AdSense publisher, you’ve noticed that a few weeks ago the Terms and Conditions for this service have been updated.

Quite a few things changed, but one of the most important updates is that you are required now to have a privacy policy on each website of yours which uses Google AdSense.

From Inside AdSense blog:

We’ve also added some specific requirements that make it necessary for publishers to post and abide by a transparent privacy policy that users see. According to this policy, publishers must notify their users of the use of cookies and/or web beacons to collect data in the ad serving process. This change relates to advertisers’ use of innovative products and features like Gadget Ads and other offerings in the future.

To make your life easier, I’m going to share a useful tip: you don’t have to invent a policy yourself, cause it’s already done. In fact, there’s a WordPress plugin which creates a simple privacy policy you can then insert into any of your blog pages: Synclastic Privacy Policy Plugin.

Once you download the plugin, simply activate it and create a new WordPress page. Just insert this tag wherever you want your policy to appear:

<!– privacy-policy –>

That’s it! Really simple. Great plugin.

I’ve just done this here on PerfectBlogger, so my privacy policy is found under page.

See also:

Flickr Uploadr Proxy Configuration

Flickr Uploadr 3.0.5

Many of you have probably notice the recent update of a Flickr Uploadr – a great tool for bulk uploads of your new photos to Flickr. I’ve been a fan of Flickr for quite some time, and plan to use it for photo streams on some of my blogs in the near future.

I absolutely love the new interface and yet simpler and more effective interface of the 3.0.x beta, but was, like most of you, startled to find out the proxy unfriendliness of Flickr Uploadr 3.0.x.

There’s no mentioning about proxy configuration in the Settings dialogue, and that’s why you will have to fix it yourself. Luckily for all, it’s not a complex process. [Read more…]

Adsense Notifier extension finally fixed!

Adsense Notifier

Just when I have almost given up on the broken Adsense Notifier script, it got updated and fixed! You can download the latest version here: Adsense Notifier.

The current version is 0.9.6, and it once again shows all the Adsense earnings in the toolbar of my Firefox.

Adsense Notifier is one of the most useful extensions for me, because it saves me the effort of regularly checking the status of my Adsense account (which is a very bad habit – wastes a lot of time). Simply configure the settings to your likings, and all your vital Adsense stats will be automatically downloaded and delivered to your statusbar. Incredibly useful!

WPdesigner Launches the 5$ WordPress Themes Club

WPdesigner Logo

Finally, the 5$ themes club is up and running! Please have a look at the original announcement made on the WPdesigner blog for the full story, but just to get you interested enough I’ll tell you what this club is about: it’s a paid membership community where for just 5$ a year you’re guaranteed to have access to at least 12 unique WordPress themes. Sounds like a sweet deal!

Here are the highlights of the 5$ Themes Club:

  • 5$ a year is all it takes to become a full member
  • No copyrights in the footer (you’re not supposed to claim the authorship of any theme though)
  • You can use any theme on an unlimited number of domains
  • Great preview page listing all the best features (here’s a teaser: the Gossip theme)
  • Free technical support (ticker system or forum)

A Free Multimedia Course on Blogging


In case you haven’t heard yet, Mark Joyner from Simpleology has compiled a brand new multi-media course on blogging, and you can snag it for free if you post about it on your blog.

This blogging course covers:

  • The best blogging techniques.
  • How to get traffic to your blog.
  • How to turn your blog into money.

I’ll let you know what I think once I’ve had a chance to check it out. Meanwhile, go grab yours while it’s still free.

Wordze – FREE 30-day trial

Wordze Keyword Research

Just got an email from Wordze, announcing their next round of free 30-day trials.

The following link should work for the next 7 days, good chance for all of you who wanted to try keyword research with Wordze: Wordze – Free 30-day trial